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We are the number one team for local organisations that require land remediation solutions and soil testing services, saving our clients time and money.

Professional Land Remediation Solutions 

Our team takes a unique approach to every construction project to make sure that the needs of our clients are fulfilled sufficiently. We will identify where you can save money on your project and make suitable recommendations.

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Land Remediation Consultancy Solutions 

When you consult with our experts, they will help you to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the cost implications and risks posed by your project.

Exhaustive Soil Testing Services 

We offer targeted and complete soil-testing services that will accurately classify your waste soils through either on-site or lab-based rapid measure analysis.

Comprehensive Waste Removal Capabilities 

Through our land remediation services, we can classify waste removal through cost-effective methods that have a minimal environmental impact.

Leading Experts in Land Remediation 

The team at Complete Soil Solutions has been thoroughly trained in how to identify cost-effective land remediation changes for our clients. We’ve worked with many companies over the years and deliver a first-class service on every project. Regardless of what stage of your project you’re at, you can depend on our team to get you on track!

Helping You to Save Time, Money, and Resources on Your Projects 

Construction land remediation can be complicated for several reasons. However, the versatility of our staff, along with their skill and industry knowledge, means that we can tackle a variety of projects. We have the technical and commercial know-how that’s required to implement effective land remediation solutions for every client.

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Why Choose Complete Soil Solutions? 

Complete land remediation solutions, including consultancy, testing, reporting, and removals. 

Soil classification solutions through rapid measurements that can be performed on-site within a matter of minutes. 

An in-depth knowledge of the commercial construction waste supply chain in the UK. 

Industry-leading experts in waste compliance, classification, and legislation. 

We deliver exhaustive information concerning the complexities of identifying and managing waste contamination issues. 

What our clients say...

Our customers have nothing but nice things to say about us, and you can read some of these glowing reviews below.


We requested Complete Soil Solutions’ help with some much-needed soil analysis as we’d heard great things about them. They were very thorough, suggesting testing that satisfied existing waste acceptance procedures. Their solution swiftly identified cost-saving changes, reducing our overall expenditure. Anyone looking to save money should look no further.

Johnathan Darrington

Our team contacted CSS to request assistance with a waste removal strategy. They provided us with an end-to-end solution, including technical expertise, an organised and effective removal service, and helped us to reduce costs and risk while saving us a lot of time.

Susan Harroway

I was unsure what the most cost-effective way to approach each project was. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t losing too much money through wastage, so I asked Complete Soil Solutions to consult with me. They were really friendly and knowledgeable and quickly identified areas for improvement. Now I have a clear idea of what I need to do, and I’m saving a boatload of cash to boot.

Felix Sharpe