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Ground Investigation Services

At Complete Soil Solutions, we take pride in providing exceptional land remediation and soil testing solutions. As a highly trained and certified team, we offer bespoke services tailored to your needs. With a firm commitment to quality and efficiency, we aim to identify innovative ways to save you time and money throughout the process. 

We understand the significance of a thorough ground investigation, which is why we employ cutting-edge techniques to assess the condition of your site accurately. Our comprehensive ground investigation services enable us to gain valuable insights into the soil composition, potential contamination risks, and geotechnical properties. Armed with this essential information, we can develop precise solutions that address your project’s unique challenges. 

Whether you require site assessments, land remediation, or expert soil testing, our competitive prices and dedication to excellence make us the go-to choice for businesses and individuals alike. Call 02382 297 049 for FREE quotations and experience the unmatched expertise of Complete Soil Solutions. 

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Types of Ground Investigations

At Complete Soil Solutions, we conduct various types of ground investigation to cater to diverse project requirements. 

Our comprehensive range of ground investigations includes:


Desk Studies: Thorough examination of existing data and historical records related to the site’s geology and previous land use. 

Site Walkover Survey: Visual inspection of the site to assess surface features, potential hazards, and accessibility. 

Trial Pits: Physical excavation to gather soil samples and assess soil characteristics at different depths. 

Boreholes: Drilling deep into the ground to collect soil and rock samples for detailed analysis. 

Geophysical Surveys: Using non-intrusive methods to evaluate subsurface conditions, identifying variations in soil types or potential anomalies. 

Groundwater Monitoring: Assessing the level and quality of groundwater to understand potential environmental impacts. 

Soil Testing: Conducting laboratory tests to determine soil composition, bearing capacity, and contamination levels. 

Our diverse range of ground investigations ensures that we provide accurate and tailored solutions for each unique project, delivering reliable results and ensuring the success of your endeavours. 

Key Steps & Techniques in Ground Investigation Process

When it comes to ground investigation, we follow a systematic approach to ensure accurate and reliable results. The key steps in our ground investigation process include comprehensive site assessment and data collection, meticulous analysis of soil composition and geotechnical properties, identification of potential contamination risks, and evaluation of groundwater conditions. 

We utilise cutting-edge technology and equipment to gather essential data, enabling us to make informed decisions and develop tailored solutions for each project. Our experienced team of experts conducts thorough ground investigations, ensuring the safety, stability, and success of your construction or development endeavours. 

Site Assessment and Data Collection 

Our site assessment and data collection form the foundation of our ground investigation process. We conduct detailed surveys and evaluations to understand the site’s geological characteristics, existing soil conditions, and any potential hazards. Through advanced techniques, we gather essential data, such as soil samples and groundwater levels, to create a comprehensive picture of the site’s suitability for construction or remediation. 

This crucial step allows us to identify potential challenges and tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each ground investigation. Our focus on precise data collection ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of our soil solutions. 

On-Site Rapid Measure Technology

Thanks to our access to state-of-the-art rapid measure technology (RMT), we can complete extremely quick and highly accurate on-site analysis. With the use of RMT, we can carry out testing within a matter of minutes and provide you with all the essential information concerning your waste. What’s more, RMT is endorsed by the Environment Agency, so you can rest assured knowing that we’re using eco-friendly processes.

Why Choose Us for Soil Testing Services?

At Complete Soil Solutions, we offer comprehensive ground investigations encompassing consultancy, testing, reporting, and removals. Our innovative soil classification solutions provide rapid on-site measurements, saving valuable time while ensuring accuracy. With our in-depth understanding of the commercial construction waste supply chain in the UK, we efficiently handle waste compliance, classification, and legislation matters. 

Our team of industry-leading experts is well-versed in identifying and managing waste contamination issues, delivering exhaustive information to address complexities effectively. You can count on us to navigate the intricacies of soil management and provide tailored solutions that safeguard your project’s success while promoting environmental sustainability. 

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